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Visit the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium: Fun for the Whole Family

Visit the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium for a fun-filled day the whole family is sure to love! There is so much to see and do at both the aquarium and the zoo that one day just might not be long enough to really enjoy it all! Visitors both young and old alike can find something to do and will all agree that they had a wonderful time visiting the zoo and aquarium. The top-rated team from Tacoma Orthodontics enjoys seeing the animals at the zoo.

The Pacific Seas and South Pacific Aquariums have many different habitats with an amazing display of sea life not to be missed. Guests will feel like they are under the deep blue sea with amazing shimmering lights in the Baja Bay with Hammerhead sharks and green sea turtles. Experience the Coastal Kelp Forest with leopard sharks and moray eels, the Tidal Surge containing sea stars, anemones, and urchins, and even see a giant pacific octopus! Visitors will be mesmerized by the beautiful water and all the incredible sea creatures and their habitats. Everyone will enjoy the Tidal touch zone where visitors can feel sea stars, urchins, and more and the North Puget Sound color will delight guests with beautiful color and cleverly camouflaged sea creatures. The aquarium also offers special events like shark dives, zoo lights and Veterans appreciation days so be sure to check those out.

The Point Defiance Zoo is an experience to behold, with so many wonderful animals and habitats to explore. Visitors can attend daily animal presentations which are a fun and exciting way to learn all about the animals and their keepers and all that goes into caring for each animal. Be sure to check out the Asian Forest Sanctuary where visitors can see elephants, tapir or anoa, the Arctic Tundra which is home to polar bears, muskoxen and arctic fox, Rocky Shores where quests will be delighted by the otters, seals, sea birds and walruses, and the Red Wold Woods where beautiful wolves have been brought back from near extinction. Guests can even be a keeper for a day and learn what the keepers do!

Younger guests will delight in playing like the animals do in the Kids Zone! It’s a great place to crawl, climb and hop and even has sweet goats to feed and pet! In the spring and summer, visit the Budgie Buddies and feed the colorful birds a special treat on a stick. Enjoy the sounds they make and maybe see some budgie babies.

While at the zoo, be sure to visit the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater and meet the stars of the show up close! Siesta the sloth, dogs Herald and Mazie, Bach the chicken, Twiggy the red-legged seriema, Orchid the clouded leopard, Scooter the Southern three-banded armadillo, Clark the king vulture, Gonzo the Southern tamanduas anteater, Tilli the aardvark and Tahoma the bald eagle are all excited to have visitors and love to dazzle guests by climbing, swooping and showing off their super-long tongues. This is a show the whole family will love and these are just a few of the many animal stars in the Wild Wonders Outdoor show! After the show, drive just down the road the Tacoma Narrow Bridge.

Exhibits and animals are changing all the time and for different seasons so visit again and often!