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Visiting the Tacoma Narrow’s Bridge

Visiting the Tacoma Narrow’s Bridge

The state of Washington has many important historical landmarks that are known to attract many tourists throughout the entire year. One of those very important historical landmarks is the Tacoma Narrows bridge. The Tacoma Narrows bridge is the perfect historic landmark that you and your family members can visit in order to learn more about the history of Washington and all that it has to offer.

The Tacoma Narrows bridge was a bridge that was built in Washington near the Washington State Museum. in the early 1930s and it officially opened up to the public on July 1, 1940. During this time, it was a very important time in the city of Seattle. There’s a bridge that was one of the best and biggest bridges ever built in the state of Washington, and eight attracted many people on a day-to-day basis.

There is a lot of history behind it is an amazing bridge. The designer of the bridge was called Leon Moisseiff. It is stated that he had a vision and a goal to be able to build one of the most honored and recognized bridges of all history. This is why he took a lot of time, money and effort in order to make this dream of his come true. He took a lot of time to be able to design and build this bridge to be one of the most flexible bridges to ever be constructed in history. There are many different types of architects and engineers who put in their time, money and effort to make sure that this bridge was long enough, deep enough and also wide enough for the public to take advantage of fully.

It is stated and reported that on November 7, the state of Washington was experiencing high winds that made the bridge sway back-and-forth in an unsafe way. That was very concerning to many residents of the state of Washington because they knew that this will not end well. This is one of the reasons why this bridge is a historic landmark today because of the huge impact that I had on many of the residents in Washington. Around 11 AM that day, the bridge started to collapse because of the high winds that the state of Washington was experiencing. It started to toss back-and-forth at a high speed.

Later on, there was a replacement bridge that opened up on October 14, 1950. This is the bridge that you and your family members should go visit because it has been a great history behind it. The team from Tacoma Orthodontics travel this route often. They made sure to build this bridge accordingly with more structure and more foundation that will be able to help support it as the years go by.

Today, many tourists from all over the world are attracted to this historic landmark in Washington because they are able to see the remains of the first original bridge are at the bottom of Puget Sound. There is a great amount of history that you and your family members will be able to know more about if you go to visit this amazing historic landmark in Washington.