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Travel Guide Hiking Forest McCormick Forest

For many centuries, hiking has been known as one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of nature. And since some people live in areas where there is not much vegetation and fresh sweet air, hiking areas with beautiful forestry is the perfect place to indulge in beautiful nature away from the rough and dry heat. Although there are thousands of hiking areas that people can visit for a nature adventure, some are honestly better than others. Hiking areas are also great for campers that want a lot of shade in the summer and nice campfires at night to enjoy the stars. So in this case, if anyone is looking for the best area to camp and hike in the best forest scenery, it would be to visit McCormick Forest in the state of Washington. But you’re probably wondering “why is this particular hiking area suggested out of all other hiking areas to visit?” Here are some reasons why the McCormick Forest location located in Washington is the best area to go hiking:

Special Features About McCormick Forest

For many years, McCormick Forest Park has been known as an excellent area for hiking, which is located on the Olympic Peninsula of Northern Washington. In fact, the hiking area has a wide range of hiking trails for anyone looking to hike in clear paths of nature. What makes the hiking trails special is that they are not just any kind of plane walking trails, they elevate from being flat up to 200 ft, so you’ll enjoy a nice walk on elevated hills as well. The trails are also designed in a loop route, therefore it’s not straight and simple, which makes it even more adventurous. And what makes McCormick’s trails even more worth visiting is that these trails of beautiful wildlife and forestry go for more than three miles. The park’s road paths are also suitable for any vehicle to drive through and are in great condition, so you don’t have to worry about not having a big and sturdy car to get through McCormicks roads. All paths are smooth sailing for walking and driving! After the hike, check out the Heritage Distilling Company, down the street.

Other Activities To Do in Mccormick Forest Park

Even though McCormick is mostly popular for its hiking trails and is mainly visited for people to have a tour/adventure in the forest, there are many other things to do at this Park. It is an excellent place with many activity options that are available all year – round. This includes field trips for children, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, a walk with dogs and it’s even great for star scenery at night with campfires and friends. And since this particular Forest Park is located north of Washington, temperatures in the summertime are not too hot, especially since the trees provide a nice shade from the sun. So if anyone is looking to hike in the summer without extreme measures of heat, this location is perfect for that. And with low humidity even in the summertime, there are rarely irritable bugs. So getting inconvenient bug bites is not much of something to worry about within this particular park, unlike some hiking areas with aggressive bugs on a daily basis.

There is also no need to worry about paying any kind of fee to visit McCormick park. It is completely free and open for anyone to visit at all ages. No parking pass fee or entry fee. Also, the forest is right down the street from Gig Harbor Orthodontics.

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