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Visiting the Heritage Distilling Company

Gig Harbor Washington is a small little quaint town that has a population of around ten thousand people. Gig Harbor is the name of the bay that is located there and it also doubles as the name of the town which is located in Pierce County. Gig Harbor’s claim to fame is that it is the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula. The climate in Gig Harbor is on the cooler side with the average temperature clocking in at about fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect to see snow during the winter months and you will also see more rain here from September through about January. It will usually rain about half the days during the month of December. This is a great place for you and your family to visit on your next vacation. You will not find a shortage of things to do and attractions to see while you are here. One of the biggest attractions here is the Heritage Distilling Company.

The American Distilling Institute has awarded the Heritage Distilling Company top honors for six years in a row. It makes gins, whiskey, and vodkas and has tasting rooms in several states including Oregon. The tasting rooms that Heritage Distilling Company is so proud of their tastefully decorated with special lighting and seating to give you an inviting and welcoming feel from the moment you walk through the door. In each room, you will be able to taste just about any liquor you want and there is also a retail center where you can purchase your favorite spirit. The Heritage Distilling Company is the largest independently owned distillery in Washington State. While in Washington State visit the Orthodontic offices of Dr. Patra Alatsis at Gig Harbor Orthodontics.

HDC owns two production facilities in Washington and this is where they produce and manufacturer some of their top brands of liquor. They feature more than twenty different naturally flavored vodkas such as the Batch No.12 and their newest release, BSB – Brown Sugar Bourbon along with the higher proof version BSB – 103 which is bottled at one hundred and three proof. It was recently named “Best Flavored Whiskey in the World” by Whiskey Magazine. Once you taste it you will know exactly why people from all over the world seek out this bourbon. It’s uniquely crafted and thousands of man-hours were spent to get the blend just right. When you visit the distillery you will get to see firsthand the process and work that goes into making every single drop. You will have a new appreciation for the art of making liquor. Compare the tasty with beers from 7 Sea Brewing, just down the street.

The Heritage Distilling Company also believes in giving back to the community where the distillery is located. They are sponsors of multiple events in and around the community and they also give back to the education system. They have been very successful in the business of making spirits and liquors and they want to give back to the people and their families that have made it all possible. It’s also a great place to work for the local people who live there and the distillery creates new jobs for the town each and every year. Not only is it great for the local economy but it keeps good jobs there too.