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Cushman Trail is located in Gig Harbor, Washington near top-rated Gig Harbor Orthodontics. It is a 6.2-mile long regional trail that is paved and ranges from 12-16 feet in width. Pierce County ​and Tacoma Power Utility worked together to make this trail. This trail hosts a variety of features, including five restrooms along the trail, four onsite parking locations, a pedestrian/bike trail, four feet of gravel on each side of the trail, as well as seating along the trail. The trail also has mixed grades throughout so you will constantly be challenged.

Decide How Far to Go
The first step in preparing for your hike on the Cushman Trail is to decide if you are going to tackle the whole thing or just a part of it. You should be aware that there is a large part of the trail is actually “non-trail.” This means that you will need to cross some streets or walk on the sidewalk for a part of the trail. Also, note that the trail does not extend to Narrows Bridge.

What you Should Bring
Before embarking on your journey on Cushman Trail, you’ll want to pack a few items to bring with you. Since the trail is 6.2 miles long, you’ll want to be sure to pack adequate hydration. Since there are multiple spots along the trail to stop and take a break, you can also pack snacks or a picnic lunch to enjoy during your hike. It goes without saying that you should wear a sensible pair of shoes that you feel comfortable walking and biking in.

Note if you choose to bring your bike, there are parts of the trail when you will have to get off the bike and walk it to the next stretch of riding. This will give you a nice break to stretch your legs!

Lastly, you should remember to bring your wallet so that you can stop in at the shopping area that the trail will take you through to pick up anything that you need or look for unique items that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Be Prepared to Visit Again
Something that frequent trail goers realize is that they fell in love with this trail the first time that they used it! Some individuals visit this trail every day to walk the length of the trail while others choose to bike it. What makes this trail a favorite among locals is that the intensity of the trail is challenging because of the varying inclines. This presents a challenge regardless of if you are walking or biking. This is a great way to get your daily workout in and meet your step goals for the day! The Kopachuck State Park is another beautiful attraction in Washinton.

Overall, when you choose to visit the Cushman Trail, you should remember to pack water and snacks if you plan to do the whole thing! Grab your wallet and your bike if you want it and head there now to get in shape and enjoy the fresh air!