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Enjoy the Outdoors at the 5 Mile Drive & Trails

In Tacoma, home of Tacoma Orthodontics, you can explore the 5 Mile Drive & Trails at Point Defiance Park and discover the area’s natural beauty situated off the Pungent Sound. From kayaking to walking to sightseeing, you can find the inspiration that awaits you there. Consider checking out the rich history of this top destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


At Point Defiance Park, there are many amenities like ample parking, wheelchair accessible, kid-friendly environment, public restrooms, etc. You can expect amenities that heightened your overall experience and ensure your enjoyment during your stay.

For an informative brochure about the park with detailed maps, you can obtain one at the info kiosk located at the park entrance on Pearl Street.

Five Mile Drive Info:

Each day the outer loop of Five Mile Drive is closed to motorized vehicle traffic to accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, and runners. During this time, a car-free environment enhances their ultimate forest getaway and other activities.

On Monday through Friday, the Five Mile Drive area is closed for a few hours each day to cars, trucks, and SUVs from opening time to until 10 am (including all weekday holidays).

And, the popular tourist area located south of Seattle is car-free on Saturday and Sunday from opening time to until 1 pm: making it the perfect time for family outings, bicycling, hiking, practicing meditation and mindfulness, jogging, running, and walking.

Later in the day, the Five Mile Drive area is open to motorized traffic. Take advantage of this time to drive around the perimeter of the park and go sightseeing anywhere you would like to go to enjoy the scenery and the park’s natural beauty.

Explore Top Area Attractions:

Moreover, you can experience Tacoma’s local attraction first-hand such as LeMay Car Museum, Chihuly Bridge of Glass, Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, Owen Beach, Rhododendron Garden, the Narrows Viewpoint, the Rose Garden, Wright Park, W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory, and other attractions.

Do Not Feed Wildlife:

It is imperative that you adhere to the “Do Not Feed Wildlife” warnings posted throughout the 760-acre park. Oftentimes, many visitors feeding wildlife will result in many problems and unexpected consequences: conflicts with visitors’ pets, wildlife that bite and scratch visitors and pets, disease, malnutrition, and overpopulation. Moreover, some of the many problems and unexpected consequences are botulism and salmonella, both of which deadly and devastating pathogens are caused by unsanitary conditions related to unauthorized feeding of wildlife.

In fact, the raccoon population is one of many unintended consequences caused by errant visitors ignoring the “Do Not Feed Wildlife” warning signs posted throughout the park area. So, avoid wildlife that may come into close contact with your child or pet: wild animals may bite visitors and may spread disease.

For your health and the safety of wildlife, it is vital that you resist the temptation to feed any wildlife that you may encounter. Warning: violators are subject to a $532 fine!

Take Advantage of All the Excitement and Fun:

Since you will be hard-pressed to experience another local attraction like 5 Mile Drive & Trails at Point Defiance Park, it is incumbent upon you to check out great opportunities: places to dine, places to see, things to do, lodgings to stay. From a garden in the park that is populated with native plants to an off-leash dog park, enjoy your stay!