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The must visit museum for anyone who loves cars

Located in Washington State sits the must-see car museum for anyone who loves, or even likes cars. LeMay’s, or as it is more commonly known America’s Car Museum is located in Tacoma, Washington and is home to a plethora of car history.

The exhibits vary from time to time but currently, they have enough on display for just about anyone to find something that interests them. One of the most striking exhibits that you can currently see while visiting this extreme car museum is the Cadillac exhibit. Cadillac’s have been the standard for a lot of people for a long time. Being able to see the history of such a well known and well-admired brand would be right up a car junkie’s ally. Dr. Patra Alatsis from Tacoma Orthodontics loves visiting the museum.

There are several other exhibits to venture into, the Nascar History exhibit is an exciting and interesting one that lets you peer into the history of one of America’s favorite past times and sports. The British Invasion exhibit focuses on cars and their history from across the pond. This exhibit shows you the differences in the American and British automobile and history. Among others, there is also a memorial garage named Lucky’s that memorializes Harold E. LeMay. LeMay was the owner of Harold E Lemay Enterprises in the Tacoma, Washington area. He was also the owner of one of the biggest privately owned collection of automobiles in the world until the time of his death. His collection was later turned into what is now known as Le May America’s Car Museum.

Other than the multiple exhibits that are on display for visitors to see, there are events scheduled throughout the year. They include events like Cars and Cigars, Drive the Blues Away and a handful of others. The museum also offers free admission to the military on Veteran’s Day. Currently, the Model A Ford Club is restoring a 1930 Ford Model A Cabriolet and they provide updates through the museum. It is part of the ACM collection and has never been on display before because of its need for severe repairs. There are repeating events at the museum where there is a car talk and you can have donuts with Steve Saleen. They also have double discount days for members. Something that can help attract more people to visit the awesome collection of classic cars that a man loved until the day he died. While you’re in Tacoma, also check out Point Defiance Park near the Museum.

If you are interested in cars or want to see the history of the automobile then this is without a doubt the museum for you to visit. It would be a great place to take your local car club for a fun trip. The tons of cars that are displayed all over the museum will pique anyone’s interest in the automotive industry and how it has changed over the years. So if you find yourself in Washington State and have a love for cars then America’s Car Museum is a must-visit place for you. Adorn yourself with your Ford t-shirt and prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience.