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Is the Invisalign treatment painful?

Is Invisalign treatment painful?

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental procedure that has become more common over the years. A very common procedure that is done is Invisalign. Invisalign is a great way to be able to shift the teeth and make them straight overtime. It is much more convenient than getting braces, and it has had very effective results as well. Although the Invisalign treatment can be a little painful at first, here are some great ways that you can control the discomfort and the pain that comes along with Invisalign.

Five Great Invisalign tips and tricks that will be able to help you survive the first week:

1.) A great tip that you can use in order to relieve any pain or discomfort that you may experience is to protect your tongue. At first, the plastic edges that are found on your clear aligners may start to bother you or even irritate you. It is common for you to start to experience sores along the journey. It is recommended that you take a small pinch of black and you put it near the edges of your clear aligners. This will be able to keep any jagged section of your retainers from poking your tongue.

2.) Another great tip but you can start to do to avoid any discomfort and pain is to take over-the-counter pain medicine. It is recommended that you take over the counter pain medicine before you go into your dental check-up so that it can start working immediately after your appointment is done.

3.) It is important that when you are undergoing the Invisalign treatment, that you are making sure to wear your clear retainers for at least 22 hours during the day. Keeping track of your daily wear during the day will allow you to be able to take breaks in between.

4.) Making sure that you are cleaning and sanitizing in your retainers the proper way is very important as well. In order for you to not get any type of bacteria or infection in your gums are in your teeth, it is very important that you are cleaning and sanitizing your clear retainers. There are many great products that will be able to help you properly clean them.

5.) Creating a routine and sticking to it will definitely be able to help you get more comfortable wearing your retainers at ease the pain that you may be experiencing. It is important that once you start wearing your Invisalign retainers, that you are making sure that you are sticking to a routine. This will be able to help your gums and teeth that just to the pain and discomfort a lot more quickly.

Undergoing the Invisalign treatment will be able to help you get the perfect smile overtime. Following the tips and tricks is it a bubble help and sure that you do not. Experience so much pain or discomfort that is associated with wearing Invisalign retainers. Overall, your experience should be enjoyable! Learn more here about the Pros and Cons of Invisalign.