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Expert Care for All Ages: Tacoma Orthodontics Offers Personalized, Modern Treatment

Tacoma Orthodontics serves both adults and children in the local area, providing top-quality care and modern practices to ensure every patient receives the orthodontic treatment they need, promptly and professionally. The office tailors their experiences, offering personalized care to every individual. They create specialized treatment plans and always put patient experiences as a top priority.

This Tacoma Dentist is run by a small but dedicated team of empathetic, professional staff, with highly trained orthodontics assistants, ready and waiting to help patients with their every need. The practice is modern, efficient, and welcoming to everybody, and it’s a non-judgmental space where patients can feel at ease, regardless of their situation or their oral health. All ages are welcome, from age seven up.

Tacoma Orthodontics prides itself on helping patients by offering a comprehensive range of orthodontic services to ensure they can have all their needs met under one roof, including:

  • Traditional braces, a reliable cornerstone of orthodontic treatment, which patients have depended upon for decades, create improved oral health, enhanced speech, a straighter smile, and personalized care to offer every patient the best
  • Invisalign options for adults and children, offering an alternative option to traditional braces, using computer imaging technology to create a discreet solution for treatment and smile-straightening, dealing with crowding, misaligned teeth, and poor spacing
  • Retainers, to help patients maintain their smiles after their orthodontic treatment is complete, ensuring the teeth remain in place and are kept straight
  • Teeth whitening options, removing stains and discoloration safely to enhance the beauty of patients’ smiles and boost their confidence in their appearance
  • All other orthodontic services ensure patients get the information and care they need at all times, maximizing comfort, ease, and treatment quality for everybody

For patients who need orthodontic treatment, Tacoma Orthodontics ensures that they receive personalized services that will ensure the results are lifelong, and that patients come out with beautiful smiles they feel proud of. Whatever the age and however crooked their teeth, they can receive high-quality care from this Tacoma Dentist.

The practice recognizes that orthodontics can be expensive, and therefore takes a flexible approach to financing, accommodating patients’ needs as far as possible. The office will file insurance claims for patients to make their lives easier and accept most dental benefits to make treatment more accessible for individuals throughout the area.

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