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Improving Your Smile With Invisalign In Washington State At Tacoma Orthodontics

Teens and adults struggling with a crooked smile, crowded teeth, or a misaligned bite may be suffering in silence – and may also be hesitant to commit to months or even years of treatment with traditional metal or plastic braces. They may have had braces as a child and associate them with awkwardness and pain. Now, thanks to technological advancements, adults and teens no longer have to go through the discomfort and expense of traditional orthodontics. Now, there is Invisalign!

Let’s explore the benefits of Invisalign and the options available to patients in the Tacoma, Washington area. 

How Invisalign Can Shape Your Smile

Invisalign uses advanced 3D computer imaging technology to map the exact contours of a patient’s mouth, for a secure aligner fit and optimal results. Patients can even see accurate predictions of what their smiles will look like post-treatment thanks to the imaging technology. 

The computer generates a treatment plan in conjunction with the dental professional. Patients are given several sets of aligners, to be switched out progressively every few weeks at their smile starts to take a new shape. Whitening treatments are even available to be used in conjunction with the aligners. 

More than 4 million patients worldwide have achieved amazing smiles using Invisalign. Invisalign is proven to be faster, more comfortable, and more predictable than standard braces. 

Tacoma Orthodontics is Shaping Smiles in Washington State

Tacoma Orthodontics, located at 4301 South Pine Street in Tacoma, Washington, offered state-of-the-art Invisalign services for both teens and adult patients. Traditional braces can be embarrassing for teenagers and adults, so Tacoma Orthodontics offers Invisalign’s advanced clear aligners for orthodontic treatment. Tacoma Orthodontics recommends Invisalign to treat: 

  • Overbite (Overjet)
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowded or cramped teeth
  • Conspicuous gaps between teeth
  • Speech issues
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Jaw pain due to misalignment
  • Noticeably bad breath 

Dr. Patra Alatsis of Tacoma Orthodontics grew up in Tacoma and is proud to serve the families of her hometown. The office also offers a complimentary first visit for initial consultations, and the fun, motivated team has received wonderful reviews from both children and adults alike. 

Book an Appointment with Tacoma Orthodontics and Change Your Smile for the Better

Teens and adults looking for a better and brighter smile in the Tacoma, Washington area can make an appointment today with Tacoma Orthodontics by booking online or by calling 253-648-1946 Don’t wait to get the dental care you need and deserve! 

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