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Tacoma Orthodontics is Proud to be Open with COVID-19 Precautions in Place

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Amid all the disruptions the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in our daily lives, Tacoma Orthodontics is proud to be open and providing patients with safe orthodontic treatments.

As an established orthodontic practice in Tacoma, WA, we have always upheld the infection prevention standards of OSHA, ADA, and the CDC. Since reopening, this practice has expanded to include all regulations and protocols related to reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Our patients can, therefore, schedule treatments without fear of infection. 

Tacoma Orthodontics’ COVID-19 Precautions

Tacoma Orthodontics is following all the necessary COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. We kindly ask that any patients who develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, including cough, fever, and shortness of breath, reschedule for a later date. The same applies to patients who have been in contact with someone who has these symptoms.

Before providing orthodontic treatment, Tacoma Orthodontics will take patients’ temperatures, ask them questions about their current health, and provide hand sanitizer for use before entering the office. All patients who come into the office must wear a disposable or cloth mask.

After check-in, a patient can choose to wait in their car for a call or text to indicate when they can come in. When it is time for the procedure, staff will direct the patient to the handwashing station, provide them with mouthwash, and escort them to the treatment room.

To limit the number of people in the office, Tacoma Orthodontics only allows patients into the building. We allow one parent to accompany their child into the building, but not the treatment room.

To prevent droplet transmission, Tacoma Orthodontics has installed a sneeze guard in the reception area, separated the waiting room chairs, and marked them for use. All chairs have disposable covers sanitized between patients, and the common area undergoes a strict cleaning regimen.

All of our employees wear personal protective masks, disposable clothing, and face shields. Every morning, employees are required to undergo a daily screening procedure. 

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Orthodontic Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alignment of the teeth and jaws is critical to preventing dental issues at a later stage in life. It also improves facial appearance and the positioning of the lips. Orthodontic treatments are often time-sensitive, and a delay in seeking treatment can result in preventable problems.

By staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic, we here at Tacoma Orthodontics are committed to providing patients with the treatments they need to improve their health and quality of life.

Tacoma Orthodontics Services

Tacoma Orthodontics offers personalized orthodontic services. These treatments include interceptive orthodontics, surgical orthodontics, TAD treatment, and teeth whitening. Other treatment solutions this practice offers include Invisalign for teens and adults, ceramic braces, and traditional braces.

All services include a complimentary visit to customize patients’ treatment plans, as well as extensive education to help patients understand any treatment’s effect on their bite function.

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Dr. Patra Alatsis has two convenient locations in Gig Harbor and Tacoma. If you are looking for professional orthodontic care in a safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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