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 Gig Harbor-Tacoma Orthodontics is proud to be a woman-owned-and-operated practice, led by Dr. Patra Alatsis, providing a comprehensive range of customized orthodontic solutions.

Born and raised in Tacoma, Dr. Patra Alatsis danced her way into many hearts during her time performing with the Tacoma City Ballet. The siren call of the stage wasn’t quite enough to dim her passion for orthodontics.

You won’t find her on stage today but look for her in the audience. As one of the Tacoma City Ballet directors, she makes a point of showing her support.

Dr. Alatsis now runs twin practices in Gig Harbor and Tacoma. As the best orthodontist in Tacoma, WA, she’s ready to help her patients’ perfect smile take center stage.

Dr. Alatsis and her four orthodontic assistants, all women, help patients to perfect their smiles with:

  • Braces and Invisalign
  • Phase I Treatment (Early/Interceptive Orthodontics)
  • Surgical Orthodontics
  • TAD Treatment
  • Retainers
  • Teeth Whitening

Traditional Braces

Dr. Alatsis may recommend metal braces when the patient requires a quick solution. She cements the posts to the teeth.

The devices stay in place permanently for one to two years. The wires and elastic exert pressure that slowly reshapes the bite. Over the course of a few visits, the dentist readjusts the wires, straightening the teeth.

Metal braces are the most:

  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Noticeable
Gig Harbor Tacoma Orthodontics Dr. Patra Alatsis

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces blend in with the teeth better. In place of metal posts, Dr. Alatsis uses a tooth-colored material. Other than that, they function much the same as conventional braces. Ceramic braces are:

  • Less noticeable
  • Impossible for patients to remove on their own
  • More expensive
  • Not as durable or powerful as metal braces


Invisalign is an industry disruptor. Instead of traditional wire, the new system uses a clear tray to reposition the teeth. There are no wires or uncomfortable elastics, and the patient may remove the device.

They are:

  • Almost invisible
  • A good option for patients who have the discipline to wear them
  • Stainable, so patients must remove them to eat
  • More expensive

 Early Interceptive Orthodontics

Corrective devices are the most effective while the mouth is still growing. While successful in adults, braces have the best chance of working well in those under eighteen. Phase I orthodontics identifies and corrects potential issues in children from a young age.

Surgical Orthodontics

Dr. Alatsis is a skilled orthodontic surgeon. She uses her knowledge and experience to correct skeletal issues affecting speech and bite.

TAD Treatment

Dr. Alatsis may use a temporary anchorage device to boost the correction of crooked teeth. These appliances work in a similar way to elastics but are more durable.


Teeth may drift a little over time. This issue is more pronounced in those who’ve worn corrective devices. Retainers prevent the teeth from moving back to their original positions.

They fit snugly against the soft palate and are not noticeable. Patients use retainers for around two years after having their braces removed.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration may be a result of many things:

  • The erosion of enamel
  • Poor hygiene
  • Trauma
  • Infections
  • Ingesting food that stains the teeth

 The type and extent of staining determine the best course of treatment. Dr. Alatsis evaluates patients individually and discusses their best whitening options.

She uses proven treatments that lighten the teeth by several shades. Patients may select in-house treatment for immediate results or home-based therapies under the supervision of the orthodontist.

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To find out more about the Gig Harbor-Tacoma Orthodontics team or to further interview Dr. Patra Alatsis about orthodontics, please contact Gig Harbor-Tacoma Orthodontics’ Practice Administrator at (253) 799-0880.